Monday, 18 February 2013

Thank God for Technology: Joseph Benjamin Recovers Stolen Car From Robbers Hours It Was Snatched At Gunpoint

Joseph Benjamin a Nollywood actor, recovers his car after it was stolen at Gunpoint in Lagos - Nigeria. The actor had announced via a blackberry broadcast ( which went Viral) that his green Toyota Camry 2007 model car was snatched at gunpoint in Lagos. Hours later, the car was recovered. The actor then sent another broadcast informing and thanking his fans / friends that he had found  the car in Iyana-Ipaja through the help of the cars' tracking system.

Thieves,Thieves,Thieves... Why art thou so rampant in Nigeria? 
the Bible (Exodus 20:15 "You shall not steal"
and in 
the Quran (An-Nur 63 - Shakir "Allah indeed knows those who steal away from among you, concealing themselves; therefore let those beware who go against his order lest a trial afflict them or there befall them a painful chastisement.")

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