Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Did you know Nigerian Artist Skales Has Tribal Marks?

I was just going to blog about Skales fashion styles before I came across this picture.. And am like WOW "Skales has tribe Marks"... I never knew. I asked around from people around me and they were all unaware. Although it ain't that obvious but I wondered where the marks vanished to in the picture below. Personally I think he looks hotter showing off his tribe marks rather than photo editing it off.

People please answer this two questions:
1> Are you aware Skales has Tribal Marks?
2> Does Skales look better with or without the Tribal Marks?


  1. Wasn't. Aware bt He looks cool wit his tribal marks:)

  2. Are you for real... I dint know. I guess he looks good both ways

  3. Never noticed he looks ok with it tho