Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sad News: Kind And Geeky’ Student, 22, Lay Dead In His Bed For Up To Three Days After Housemates Did Not Realise He Had Killed Himself

'Kind': Vivek Shah, 22, was discovered lying on his bed in the student house after his family sent a friend to check on him

Vivek Ajit Shah, 22, had not been seen for three days by fellow students at Manchester Metropolitan University, but the alarm was only raised when he didn't arrive at a family gathering in London and his worried relatives asked a friend to go and check on him.A student lay dead and undiscovered in his bedroom for days when his housemates failed to realise he had killed himself.

'Shocked' Alex Faulkner found the electronic engineering student - described as 'kind and geeky' by university friends - lying fully clothed on his bed at the shared house in Rusholme, next to a canister of helium gas.

Mr Shah, who had suffered from anxiety and depression in the months leading up to his death, died from asphyxiation and helium inhalation, an inquest heard.

A post-mortem was unable to determine exactly how long he had lain undiscovered.
The student, who was originally from Middlesex, had become withdrawn and had failed to attend his final year exams in the period leading up to his death last June, the hearing was told.

His teenage years had also been blighted by spells of anxiety and depression.
Mr Faulkner, who had known Mr Shah for three years, said: 'When I opened the door Vivek was lying fully clothed on the bed and there was a gas canister on the floor.

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