Thursday, 19 March 2015

VogueImprint MensWear: Nigerian Menswear Fashion Label JAYWALCAR S/S Collection "Dapper Men"

We are pleased to bring you the Spring / Summer Collection Lookbook from Nigerian Menswear Fashion Label JAYWALCAR, titled WANTED: Dapper Men.

The collection satirically makes use of contemporary West-African pieces to take a swipe at the flaws of the Nigerian law enforcement. According to the Creative Director D.Y Iyinolakan, the Jaywalcar (jaywalker) man is not entirely innocent of the alleged crimes of ”disturbing the peace”, “sidestepping the norms”, “gross incitement of uncontrollable affection” by exuding class, genuine stature and futuristic style of an African man. It re-iterates that the Jaywalcar Man is unapologetic for the resulting chaos induced by the advances by his admirers and scheming by detractors.

W: D M collection is a fusion of traditional and modern functional pieces with stereotypical shapes and patterns like the prison or umpire stripes and the retro boteh bandanas. The campaign maintains a subtle yet flamboyant nature of a West African.

Jaywalcar is a fashion brand which is based in Lagos, Nigeria and operates on the ethos of defiance andthetic precision.

Watch the Wanted: Dapper Men Fashion film and view more pictures by clicking below...