Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Vogueimprint Men: Danish Designer Trine Lindegaard Finds Inspiration In Ghana's Ashanti Empire

Kente blue

Trine Lindegaard worked with a family of traditional Ghanaian weavers to develop a vibrant new line in menswear

In their pursuit of an African voice, designers are often left stuttering when it dawns on them that simply being drawn to the continent, without substance, isn't quite enough. The mass clamour about how "so-and-so was inspired by Africa", together with a confusion between east and west African cloths and the question of whether it is a country or a continent, only adds to the general malaise.

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"The collection is rooted in these African fabrics. I wanted to take them away from their traditional use, the wraparound dresses and headpieces, and their links to social status. I wanted to make them more accessible but still keep the traditional influences. I’ve used a lot of technical fabrics and dying throughout to keep it fresh". – Trine Lindegaard

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