Wednesday, 15 May 2013

VogueImprint Concept: 6 Ways to Wear a Blazer

The blazer is one of those items that theoretically you know you should have in your clothing collection, but in exercise you might not know how to take off. Is it just for the office? Can I ever clothing it down? Challenge I try it with a maxi dress dress? They're type of costly, so how can I get the most usage out of it?! It's okay, take in, Vogueimprint by EnnyBells is here for you.

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The excellent information is that they are amazingly flexible. With the right design you can take your blazer out for events other than a job meeting. We've seen it done many periods before and we've put them all together in this week's Motivation Item.

My recommendation is to keep with dark if it's your first blazer buy. It'll be simpler to perform into the products you already have in your clothing collection. Normally, an all-white pen dress would look excellent for an experienced establishing like the workplace or a company conference, while coupling it with some troubled denims is a fantastic way to clothing it down but still look innovative. The same concept also is applicable for more declaration products like a couple of sequin short. A dark blazer is the most ideal neutralizer.

Another plus part to a blazer is how simple it can conversion from day to evening on any clothing. You might have a clothing use you want to put on to a celebration after supper, but instead of two clothing, a blazer will have you looking drawn together before modifying locations.


  1. Love your blog Enny love. Well done Girl