Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mo’Nique’s Dramatic 82 Pound Weight Loss

Dayum girl, you look GREAT!

Mo'Nique stopped by The Hot 97 Morning Show on Tuesday to chat and she mentioned her get-fit journey.
"I want women to see, especially us big women, that you don't have to let them cut you and suck it out," she told the morning show crew. "You don't have to let them staple you up. You don't have to let them give you a pill. You don't have to let them put a band around your organs. If you just put the work in, baby, I promise you, it comes off."

She said that two weeks ago, her weight was 218. "My goal is between 190 and 200." She said at one point she was "close to 300." Right now, she says, "I'm the best Mo'Nique I've ever been. And I still have a ways to go."

The Oscar winning actress/comedian also talked about how having an "open" marriage with Sidney Hicks "backfired on her." She was the one who wanted freedom when she was on the road, but then she "realized what a king I had at home."She says, "An open relationship to us now means no secrets." And, she urges, "Sisters, if you got a good man, honor him."


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  1. Woow! where has she been. She looks great

  2. Good for her oh.She needed is the weight loss