Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lookbook: Buki Akib Celebrates Africa’s Climate Change With Afefe 2013 Collection

Many years in the future in Lagos city. The ‘AFEFE’ collection is a celebration of the inevitable climate change in Africa’s future. Buki Akib introduces contrasting but compatible fabrics to create futuristic response to the traditional fabric Aso-oke. Mixing metallic leather and PVC next to the traditional fabric accommodates the unpredictable weather in Africa. From the regal cowhide leather jacket shielding the misty harmattan breeze, to the contrasting wire shirt adsorbing the increased heat that reflects the magnetic colors of the sun. The constructed aso-oke jumpsuit patched worked with leather, mesh and a printed silk lining of Lagos Airport. An assembly of advanced materials and new silhouettes using traditional weaving techniques and knitting, shields the vagaries climate and expresses the pathos during the ‘AFEFE‘ times.

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Model :Richard
Photographer :Svenja Trierscheid
Styling: BUKI AKIB
Assistant: Paula Knorr

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