Sunday, 12 May 2013

Founder Of Iconic Italian Fashion House, Designer And Businessman Ottavio Missoni Dies At 92

Ottavio Missoni, the head of the Italian fashion brand known by its iconic zigzag prints, died on the 9th of May at age 92.

The world-famous fashion designer and company’s co-founder, called Tai by friends and family, “passed away serenely” in his home in Sumirago, Italy, surrounded by family, according to a statement issued by Missoni S.p.A., The Associated Press reported.

The Italian fashion house Missoni built became internationally known for its zigzag-patterned knitwear and bright colorful designs, a favorite of elite and celebrities alike, from Madonna to Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez.

I once had the pleasure of owning  Missoni sunglasses and skirt, they were absolutely fabulously lovely. Great fashion label. 
Rest In Peace Ottavio Missoni

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