Saturday, 6 April 2013

What Was She Thinking! Rihanna Reveals A Snippet Of Her Bare Derriere In A Ripped Jean Skirt

Rihanna stepped out in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday wearing an all denim look for a long day of shopping.While it was unlikely anyone would not recognise the superstar, Rihanna was clearly trying to have a Pretty Woman moment, wearing a ripped denim skirt as if in an attempt to look like she did not belong in the expensive stores of the famed Rodeo Drive.The visited Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino before heading to the more accessible stores of Bebe and Tiffany's.The singer emerged from the jewelry retailer with one of their famous blue bags after picking out something small. 

I do not know what Rihanna was thinking of, when she wore the skirt ripped up. It this meant to be the latest fashion style out? Rather than *crazy jean*, Riri gives us *crazy skirt*.. Although I love the pencil genim  skirt and her accessories are fantastic.

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