Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thanks to splints: Little girl born with 'legs like a frog' is able to walk for first time

A four-year-old girl who was born with just two muscles in each of her legs can finally walk after doctors fitted her with splints. Lillia Reading was born with muscular myopathy, a condition that caused her to develop just two muscles in each of her legs, instead of the normal 15.

It also left her with permanently bent knees.But she is able to walk now after doctors cut the tendons behind her knees and gave her a pair of splints to straighten her legs. 

Her mother, Katie Reading, 31, said: 'Lillia is just like any other little girl now. 'She can walk, run around and play happily with all of her friends. It's amazing what they have done for her.
'She's a proper little princess - she loves her make up, clothes and painting her nails. And know she can strut around like one too!'

Lillia, from Sheffield, first showed signs of suffering from the condition before she was born. 
Mrs Reading, 31, said: 'They could tell something was wrong from the 20-week scan. It was first thought she had club foot.'But after she was born four weeks early, weighing 4lbs 5ozs, specialists confirmed Lillia's condition - a rare form of muscular dystrophy. She underwent 13 operations to try and correct the abnormalities in her legs that were preventing her from walking. At just 17-weeks-old, she was put into special boots to try and help straighten her legs. 

The condition left her with permanently bent knees
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Lilllia has now been fitted with splints that allow her to walk. She is pictured with her parents Katie and Nick, and her brother, Harley

Lillia is now looking forward to starting school in September. 'She wobbled a lot to begin with and her balance and confidence wasn't great, but that quickly grew and it has given her great charisma.  'Lillia now goes to nursery and she can't wait to move up to big school in September.' Mr Reading, a hydraulic engineer, said: 'She has shown so much bravery throughout all of this and she's always got a huge smile on her face. 'She's one tough cookie!'

Source: DialyMail


  1. Thank God for her life. God His Awesome, praise His holy name.

  2. Bless God for her life..Such wonders.

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