Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Latests Female 2013 Collection By Vivienne Westwood

GOLD LABEL SS 2013 By Vivienne Westwood

What have we got here? Global exotic.

No matter where you start a collection you absorb the world around you and carry it onto your projection. We began with influences which seem to be quite arbitrary but nevertheless through the process of applying them you evolve a vision, a projection. We are always designing for a parallel universe because we are making something different, a bit new. (All designers do this). It’s a world where people look good – interesting people who lead a better life.

We started…A kind person sent us a little book on beatles “for inspiration”. Coloured markings and patches, iridescence, wing cases and wings, hard articulated bits, antennae. We interpreted the patches as holes filled with ruched self-fabric which puffed up but pulled and stretched and because these patches didn’t fit very well they left little corners and lumps sticking up around where they were inserted. These insect cuts talk about human bodies. Then – because we had visited the Prado – there is the influence of costume in Velasquez; slashed clothes had evolved into great bands describing large silhouettes.

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