Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Latest Designer: Heidi Klum's 6-Year-Old Son Is Designing a Line

It looks like fashion runs in the family! Heidi’s 6-year-old son is designing for his mom’s line — and you can get your first look right here!

Supermodel and multi-tasking mom Heidi Klum, 39, is passing her stylish creativity on to her son, Johan. The talented, six-year-old munchkin drew adorable designs for his mom’s Babie’s R Us clothing line, Called Truly Scrumptious!

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Heidi Klum’s Son Designs:

While Heidi continues to incorporate signature characters and whimsical designs to her collection, she is now pairing up with her talented son! For a limited time only, children everywhere can rock baseball-style t-shirts in either pink for the ladies or blue for the boys. The shirts feature a silly monster creation drawn by Johan himself and will retail for just $4.99. Johan will be adding on to mom’s Truly Scrumptious clothing collection. Each of the little designer’s creations will be easily identifiable with a special hangtag to draw attention to Save the Children’s US Programs. The shirts are to represent the creativity and imagination of kids everywhere.

Johan Designs For Truly Scrumptious:

Along with the launch of the trendy shirts, the company will also support the Project Doodlecontest. The contest is one of Heidi’s personal missions to help raise artistic awareness for all children. The program offers the chance for young adults everywhere to show off their personal talents while raising awareness through a variety of art contests. It’s all about encouraging children to use their imaginations to their full advantage. The contest will share the creativity of children and also offer the chance to win great prizes! Little artists everywhere who are under 8 years old are welcomed to participate in this fun challenge.

By Shimriya Richard (HL)

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