Sunday, 7 April 2013

Joke Silva Talks About Her Most Heartbreaking Experience

Veteran actress, Joke Silva has shared her most heart breaking experience. It was the day she met a 10 year-old prostitute while volunteering for her church, This Present House.

“Our church, This Present House, runs several shelters for drug addicts and people who have been trafficked within and outside Nigeria; you will be surprised what happens within Nigeria.

“We have 10 year old girls being sold into prostitution. One was actually younger than 10. She had been trafficked and was being molested. It was so heart rendering. We had to buy her from the whorehouse because the madam who ran the whorehouse insisted the girl was a client’s favourite. Can you imagine?”

However, the actress adds that there is hope because some of the girls have been rescued from the streets courtesy of This Present House and are thriving in rehabilitation. “Today, we have been able to rehabilitate them in the shelter. They have developed their skills. Some are in boarding schools and one is in the university. The bottom line is that with just a little effort, things could be better,” she said.

This is a very sad situation happening all around us, I do not know what your sad most heartbreaking experience might be, but you can always share it with the world just like Joke Silva did. Just send it to

By Tony Ogaga Erhariefe

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