Tuesday, 23 April 2013

First Ambassador To Port To MTN Is Hafeez Ayetoro aka Saka Of Etisalat

Saka used to advertise for Etisalat now MTN has snatch him with a more disturbing advert and package that directs to Etisalat.

Saka betrayed Etisalat for all it has done for him, he became a millionaire on our platform when hitherto was a ragmatazz artist want-to-be, greed n treachery beclouded his moral imperatives, biting the finger that cradled him to stardom.

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People should acknowledge the inglorious behaviour and the desperation of MTN, having 46m disgruntled subscribers and still trying to subjugate n suppress hailing competitors who has brought value and succour to Nigeria telecoms clime, MTN! haven't oppressed and extorted unfortunate customers over the years and still treating them with disdain thinking they can stifle etisalat.

I can assure you it won't amount to anything significant. South Africa businesses are reputed for culture of oppression, impunity and intimidation i.e Shoprite, multinet etc see their workers conditions.


  1. Oga ooo...all for money!

  2. What were they looking he moved to mtn...abeg joor!mtn has elevated saka

  3. D advert made d front pages of top national newspapers today....was shocked tho!

  4. Smart 1 MTN. This coup is astonishing n signals u guys r not market leaders by accident but by well articulated bizness strategies. Am sure if etisalat n co carry half of mtn subscribers they will crash n people will see d true picture n appreciate mtn better