Friday, 12 April 2013

Do You Want To Know Your Body Shape And What Fits You Best?

Juicy pear or delicious apple? Tall or petite? If you don't know what body shape you are, follow our steps below to discover which profile fits you best. 
    • Broad
    • Average
    • Narrow
  2. CHEST
    • Small
    • Average
    • Large
  3. WAIST
    • No Definition
    • Rounded
    • Well Defined
  4. HIPS
    • Slim
    • Average
    • Wide

Illustration of an hourglass shape

Lady, check out your sexy curves! With your good height and curvaceous figure, you can take advantage of all types of classic cuts. Short, fitted jackets that cinch at the waist and finish just below your hips will elongate your body, showing off your legs and your narrow waist. Don't forget to flaunt your assets - so chuck away polo neck jumpers and avoid smock tops like the plague! Avoid dresses made of tight, stretchy fabric - instead engage your inner 1950s icon with prom-style dresses in sumptuous fabrics and super-cute bolero cardigans. Pencil skirts look great on hourglass figures but choose your fabric wisely so it doesn't ride up as you walk. 

Illustration of an inverted triangle shape

You are as juicy as a strawberry - and shaped just like one! With your broad shoulders, big boobs and narrow waist and hips, your style challenge is to balance out your body by giving the illusion of fuller hips. Full skirts and wide-leg trousers will draw attention to your bottom half and don't be afraid to wear bright, bold colours - lots of women would love a change from black trousers! Avoid channelling Dynasty's Alexis Carrington and say no to any shoulder pads or details that accentuate your top half. And when it comes to coats or jackets, look for styles that flare slightly at the waist.

Illustration of an apple shape

Hello Miss Great Britain - many women in the UKhave a body shape just like yours! Your mission is to accentuate your waist and give the illusion of curves. Soften your silhouette by creating volume with wide-legged trousers and flared A-line skirts - both these will make your waist look smaller. Opt for a hemline that finishes just below the knee to balance out your broad body. Don't be shy about using prints and patterns - they are a great way of creating shape too. Wear a fitted jacket over a plain dress - the vertical line of clothing peeping out will elongate the body.  

Illustration of an pear shape

Oh you statuesque beauty! Botticelli had you in mind when he created his idea of female perfection - his vision of Venus. Voluptuous women have been driving men wild for centuries so make the most of your assets instead of hiding them away. Structure your tailoring with wide-lapelled fitted jackets with cinched-in waists. Team with low pointy boots and boot-cut jeans for instant casual glamour, and show off your gorgeous neckline with some bold jewellery. Horizontal stripes will broaden your shoulders and draw attention to your narrow waist so don't be afraid to wear them on your top half, but avoid bright colours and patterns on your bottom half. 

Source: Channel4

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