Thursday, 4 April 2013

Back From NYSC Camp: My Experience By EnnyBells (PHOTOS)

Wooow!!! Funny how time flies. Three weeks orientation camp just went so fast, personally I felt like they should extend it... on a second thought *maybe not* :). The fact that I was going for my NYSC done on me when I saw Ekiti. The 5-6hours drive from Lagos to Ekiti state felt like a mission impossible. Baring in mind that the uncertain journey would be a hard knock unforgettable experience that will live forever.

As part of our swearing in, the DG talked about the value of National Service to the country and for corpers to wear the corpers uniform with pride and humility. Due to our outstanding behaviour and coordination, he concluded by saying he would sponsor the Corper's welcome party.Remembering his statement that if you do not abide by the do's and Don't at camp... You are in trouble.. Then YOU’RE WRONG!

The first day I joined OBS, the orientation broadcasting service available in camp. OBS mehn...hmmm...God bless the officials (Aunty Rose, Mr Rotimi, Mr Tunde, senior corper Sandra and our daddy in the house My Afolayan).. Oh well! To all the haters of OBS *tough Luck!*... Here I enjoyed, the talk shows with Chike, Shout outs with Myvonne, Tochi, Ken, Goodness, Announcement with Tochi, Chike.. And my best days spent with Dj Kunle.

Morning drills this I wouldnt really talk about because I practically did not go for it.. :) what! At least I went  for like 3-4times. I will confess.. I never did any of the matching, that was just not good for my health... And yes. That's the truth. No man oh war stunts nor songs.. But I know Corpers weee oh.. Waaa oh!... Are you good to go? Good to go, Good to go, Good to go! Moral!!!

My favourite place for relaxation, amusement, entertainment was maami market. There I met people of different culture.. Like I say... *What happens in maami stays in maami* This statement is best fit at night. My eyes almost poped out with tears when I had my own encounter one night.. Almost got the tittle *Girl gone Wild*. I was made by friends to have my first taste of palm wine, felt ill the first time and the second time I vomited. My gratitude goes to my regular food joint where I had a mother take good care of me... Iya Dunni, Dunni and Co God Bless You.

Unforgettable events in camp like variety night, camp-fire night,  maggi cooking competition, Mr Macho and Miss Ekiti NYSC Batch A, I wouldn't say much about them... But undoubtedly they were classic and fun. I remembered someone shouting at one mr Macho contestant *yeh see this one oh... He get boobs, make   we go buy bra for am o* I laughed my ass out that night.

I am yet to finish my service year but mehn best camp experience so far and I am glad for the journey and the extra mile it took me to complete my camp. I am ultimately grateful to God for his mercies, protection, loving kindness over my life and that of all batch A 2013 corpers. To my special people in Ekiti who will forever hold a place in my heart, I Love You and Miss You so much. I will never forget the Camp Director ( Mrs Olushesi), Camp officials, soldiers, Camp commandant   (honourable J.F London), Man O-war Men, Maami Marketers, Security Personnels, Police Men (uncle Ola and co) and everyone I didn't mentioned ...Thank you a billion times. XOXO

When it comes to fashion in NYSC camp...Hmmmm.. No comment

Congratulations To Me!!!!!

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  1. Very interesting!

  2. Ok, Nice, and I think the pics are Wow!

  3. U didn't mention dat after dancing so hard they gave me toaster ...n u didn't even mention d competition n I didn't see my pics ...I they vex

  4. Ennybells! I miss you. Nice article on you experience, well done babe. The sky is your starting point. Love and miss you

  5. Gave u toaster? Dt should b kelvin... This's cool girl,nice one n I saw my pix there