Tuesday, 12 February 2013

For The Second Time LL Cool J: The Grammy Awards Host

LL Cool J hosted the 2013 Grammy Awards on Sunday night. The show which was on h w for three hours was truly entertaining  with  LL Cool J being a major source of its success. For a second time  LL Cool J's Grammy host he definitely his a gift man.

A great Grammy Awards introduction
LL Cool J opened up the Grammys with a sincere and heartfelt message, the focus of which was coming together for a night of celebrating dreams come true. We found the monologue uplifting and a great counterpoint to the heartfelt speech from last year's Grammys due to Whitney Houston's death.
The host did a fantastic job keeping the tone respectful but still positive and looking forward. His personal story about his grandmother's influence on his life  and how he gave her his Grammys to watch over before her death 10 years ago was a classy move.

During the show: awkward Twitter plugs
We didn't see much of LL Cool J throughout the Grammys, but when we did, it was to introduce performers and talk about Twitter. LL Cool J mentioned certain Grammy tweets, and although there was obviously some kind of deal between the 2013 Grammy Awards and Twitter, the comments were awkward. I felt like He was lip licking and laid back which was seen to be distracting and even unpleasant. Some tweets response

Twitter user Jack Mirkinson wrote "Has LL Cool J never heard of a hashtag before tonight?"
tweeted Anthony De Rosa "LL Cool J is like your dad just discovering the Internet,"
"So, do they, like, give awards at the #Grammys?" Anderson tweeted. "Or is it just a televised show for LL Cool J to read twitter?
The stage out for the Grammys' finale
LL Cool J closed the 2013 Grammy Awards by stating: "By day I do a little hosting, a little acting, but at night I do a little rapping." His closing performance combined rock, drumming by Travis Barker and a little old-school in a duo with Chuck D. We loved the performance, which included a tribute to the Beastie Boys.
LL Cool J did Keep to all of the items of the event, wouldn't you be surprised if he was asked to host the Grammy Awards in the later year.

What's your say about the tweet reading at the Grammys?

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